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I will only work with you if I feel we are a good fit I Don't Accept All Clients! . I’ll also only work with one client in a given niche, per city. Contact me today to see is space is still available.

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I’m not an agency with cookie cutter templates and processes This doesn't work! for getting you ranked. I create a customized SEO plan to get you ranked for the terms people are searching for in your local market.

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If you are looking to get locked into a long term contract you may want to look into an SEO agency No contracts here! . I don’t do contracts. I want you to stick with me because you are getting results – not because of some signature on a piece of paper.
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Hi, I’m SEO Consultant Eric Transue and I Will Get You Ranked

Let’s be honest. If your website isn’t showing up on page 1 Most don't search past this page! , people aren’t going to find you. My techniques will get you ranked, get you traffic and get your customers I can get you multiple first page listings! .

Many SEO companies and agencies, claim they can rank your website for terms like “Bixby Knolls Homes for Sale”. They give you a canned sales pitch, lock you into a contract, and then spam the crap out of your site to get you temporary rankings that don’t last. They don’t take the time to find out about you or your business. You are just another client and get treated as such.
On the other hand, once you hire me, I come up with a plan tailored to meet your business needs and goals. I care about you as a client and want you to succeed. And I know, when I succeed at ranking your site, your business will make more money and you’ll continue to keep me around. A win win for both of us.

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SEO Will Do Amazing Things For Your Business

  • Get more traffic to your site
  • Have more opportunities to turn visitors into customers
  • Save on paid advertising that stops bringing you visitors once you stop the ads
  • Get more visitors to your social properties like Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin
  • Outrank your competitors
  • Become a local authority for your services.
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Here’s What Some of My Clients Have To Say?

I love helping my clients Yep, I certainly do! , and am fully dedicated to keeping their trust. If I choose to work with you I won't work with everyone , we’ll develop a plan specifically designed for your business!

I saw real results after 3 months of SEO work. Very good guidance for on site and off site SEO. Went above and beyond by also helping optimize my google local listing to really make it stand out in organic results.
joesmosax, Photographer
Eric did exactly what he said he would and then some! We are now ranking for keywords that we would have never thought to go after.
Lucas G., ATech
Thanks Eric for helping us get on page one of Google. Not only is our website ranked, but so is our Facebook page and Youtube video. You definitely delivered on the “First Page Domination” you talked about!
Adam P., Randsbridge

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